About Digital Signage

Digital signage systems are increasingly being used by business operations as their front end to popularize their products and services. This new visual communication tool can be used in a variety of environments like Retail, Education, Healthcare, Corporate, Restaurants, Hospitality and Public Venues.

These systems bring many advantages:

  • interactive look and feel
  • build corporate image and promote the activities, new offerings
  • increase sales
  • they are useful for many commercial applications
  • they are efficient and can last for a long time
  • they are flexible and can be used for wide variety of displays
  • convenient connectivity options (with or without internet)
  • don’t need you to be physically present nearby
  • can also be programmed to display any type of message you require according to your
  • specifications
  • recurring costs for updates and maintenance are low

Many successful businesses use large signage systems to attract many customers. Digital signage has improved the revenue significantly.

We are very happy to announce that Fractalia has entered into a strategic partnership with Itech solutions, to be the Distributor for all their Products in India and South Asian Regions.




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Case Studies

Case Study 1: Santander Digital Signage

Santander Corporate Communication Department can manage communication with visitors and employees with a centralized tool

Interactive content integrated with Information Points improves the use of signage

The system facilitates real time updates, corporate news, events and tv information can be easily published

Interactive devices can give information. Usage reports can be generated

Case Study 2: Vodafone

Data analytics in the shops allows to do a more effective use of the technology available to impact customers. It helps to adapt contents and marketing campaigns to what customers really like. It gives the knowledge of what is of interest to customers and what keeps them moving around the store and what makes them buy. Sensors, Analytics and Real time information are a very powerfull tool in today’s retail business. Technology companies should have the most advanced look and feel in their stores and at the same time do the best use of the data they can obtain from that technology


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Media Santander Case Study Vodafone Case Study

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