Medical Transcription Management Software

About Medical Transcription Management Software

Transcription Management System is a Web Application, which is integrated with the most sophisticated and highly reliable platform independent technology named Java. Medical transcription is the process of converting voice files into accurate data files in the required format.

As a busy healthcare physician, all healthcare physicians registered with Transcription application will login with the username and password to Transcription application and with the help of DSDictate, physician may record his observations about his patients or he may also use his digital recording device and then send the voice files to Datascribe. Datascribe will use reliable, fast and secure software system called Transcription Management System to generate 99.9% accurate medical documents within a 24-hour turnaround time.

The medical transcription process begins with the physician recording patient-related information into DSDictate or digital recording device, such as a PC, a hand-held digital recorder, a cassette recorder, an analog recording device or a phone-in recorder. Once the voice files are recorded, he can directly upload them to our secure and encrypted HTTPS server in real-time.

The medical transcriptionists at Datascribe office will immediately download the voice files and start converting voice files to document file with the help of voice recognization software incorporated within transcrtiption software. VRS converted documents are assigned to Datascribe experienced team of transcriptionists who checks for the errors, and save them in a workspace. Team of editors and quality analysts will review these files and a valuation for each medical transcriptionist is then passed on to account department for calculating the salary.


  • Clinic Dashboard
  • Admin dashboard
  • AGM Dashboard
  • Transription Dashboard
  • Editor Dashboard
  • QA dashboard