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SAP Modules

When you plan to enroll in any SAP training institute in Bangalore the question that you will face is in which module of SAP would you like to be trained? To find an answer to this question, you need to have some idea about the overall SAP architecture. SAP is a software solution for business management for enterprise level businesses. This is proprietary software developed by SAP AG, Germany and as the name implies � systems, applications and processes in data processing, it provides end to end solutions for a variety of business applications. SAP ERP is the enterprise resource planning solution that is the flag bearer among several other software applications of the company like SAP Business objective software, SAP BW (data warehousing product) and SAP HANA (high performance analytic appliance).

What are SAP modules?

The solutions of SAP are known as modules. The entire business process is mapped and broken down into functional areas which are further sub divided into various activities and tasks that are to be performed within the functional area. The solutions that are provided for the activities and tasks of each functional area are called modules.

Types of modules

There are three basic types of modules, technical modules and industry specific modules. The following is the list of SAP functional modules that are available:

  • SAP FI Module pertaining to Financial Accounting
  • SAP CO Module for Controlling
  • SAP PS Module for Project Systems
  • SAP HR Module for Human Resources
  • SAP PM Module for Plant Maintenance
  • SAP MM Module for Materials Management
  • SAP QM Module for Quality Management
  • SAP PP Module for Production Planning
  • SAP SD Module for Sales and Distribution
  • SAP BW Module for Business (Data) Warehouse
  • SAP EC Module for Enterprise Controlling
  • SAP TR Module for Treasury
  • SAP IM Module for Investment Management
  • SAP QM Module for Quality Management
  • SAP IS for Industries specific solution
  • SAP Basis
  • SAP Cross Application Components
  • SAP CRM - for Customer Relationship Management
  • SAP SCM - for Supply Chain Management
  • SAP PLM - for Product Life Cycle Management
  • SAP SRM - for Supplier Relationship Management
  • SAP CS - for Customer Service
  • SAP RE - for Real Estate

Why Modules?

The versatility and flexibility of SAP makes it so popular for business enterprises and the flexibility is achieved by developing modules to capture the business functions like accounting, supply chain, human resources etc. The modules take care of the different activities that are performed under the umbrella of each function of the business process. The modules are completely flexible for being integrated with each other as well as with third party systems. There are sub modules available for each functional module like in the HR module you will find sub modules covering payroll, training and development, employee benefits etc.
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