Unnati platinum program

The Unnati Platinum program is a unique Employment Opportunity to kickstart the career for talented freshers. The program is designed to enrich freshers in technical as well as non-technical aspects. Technical topics include Core Java, Servlets, JSP and HTML. Non-technical topics include Communication skills, Time management, Positive thinking.

Training period is for a duration of 6 months from the date of joining. This includes 1 to 2 months of intensive classroom training plus 4 to 5 months of hands-on project work training.

Candidate would not have received exposure and experience working on real-time projects under the guidance of competent developers. He would also not have had the opportunity to interact with clients and may not understand the expectations of full time employment in a software company. Hence, even if he has completed Java training, he will not be ready. The objective of this program is to transform him into software professional.

After completion of training period, there would be an assessment process. Employment would be regularized depending on the performance. Since this is an Employment opportunity (and not a stand-alone training program), candidate will get an Experience letter and not just a course completion certificate.
Benefits of Unnati Platinum

Hands-on Technical knowledge
Personality Development
Rich Work Experience
Employment Guaranteed
Better Career Opportunities
Experience Certificate
For more information, Please complete the online enquiry form, or send an e-mail to info@itechsolutions.in